ardua \'är-j&-wa\ latin nom. 1. Marked by great labor and effort. 2. A consultancy company whose professionals spare no effort on behalf of your success

Ardua is a consulting services provider with a proven track record for delivering highly developed solutions to all kinds of organizations. We have a wide breadth of experience, from large mainframe systems to highly-available networks, from client/server deployments to large e-commerce operations. Ardua's customers include airlines, banks, e-commerce companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Rather than provide "bodies" like many IT services companies, we rely on a small group of highly skilled and experienced professionals personally known to us to be among the top talents in the business. Our consultants have decades of experience not only in technical areas, but are also accustomed to operating at all levels of an organization, from clerks to CEOs. Our project managers have great experience in tailoring methodologies to meet the needs of any given project.

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